Single and Double Bases

Every Laundry Room should have a steel base. Give your laundry room an alternative look with our bases. Provide singles, doubles and triples, custom built to your size and style requirements. Single, double and triple bases create hard perpendicular lines in laundry room layouts, resulting in a crisper and more professional aesthetic look and feel. Creating rows of steel bases also establishes concrete sections and walkways, making it easier for both staff and guests to navigate your laundry room space.


Custom steel bases in your laundry room make one of the biggest visual impacts that your customers will see upon entering your laundry. You want to ensure that their first impression properly reflects the image of your laundry. We manufacture our bases in a huge variety of colors and designs. Whatever the color scheme and style of your laundry room we have the single, double and triple bases to complete your vision.
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