Quality Materials, products manufactured in an ISO Certified Plant

From Complete Laundromats to Hotels, Nursing Homes,

Health Clubs, Bases Being Made For All Applications.

Many years of experience in the metals fabricating business


Sourced from the highest quality metal materials, our bases are professionally manufactured and American made in an ISO Certified Plant.


With manufacturer direct shipping, your order arrives built to spec and when you need it.

Customer Service

With decades of metal fabricating experience, our professionals are the best in the business at guiding you every step of the way.

Delivery & Setup

Our customer service is excellent! Unlike most manufacturers, Laundry Bases, LLC utilizes manufacturer direct shipping. This allows us to take full accountability for your bases, and get it there on time and at the destination you want. Our team works around your schedule to coordinate the best window for delivery.

Design and Layout

Laundry Bases, LLC works with top architects and designers from all over the U.S. to help bring your laundry room vision to life. Whether you’re a laundromat or an OPL Laundry room, we’re happy to help you create laundry bases to work with your type of commercial washing machine. If your laundry room is in need of single bases, double bases or triple bases we will work closely with you and your team to create the best base solution for your laundry room.

Custom Laundry Steel Bases

Creating laundry bases is what we do! We work with all sorts of height levels, including 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” bases. Our ability to custom design and manufacturer bases that meet your laundry’s needs is our specialty.

Laundry Bases, LLC

Not every Laundry Base is created equal and we understand that!  There are different brands of commercial washers, different models of commercial washers and different height requirements for each laundry that requires a steel base.


At Laundry Bases, LLC, we promise to provide you with the best experience in having us build your laundry bases.  With decades of metal fabricating, we’ve learned a thing or two about steel. We only use ¼ inch steel for the commercial laundry machines.  Our bases look, and feel, like the best in the business. Each piece is time tested and properly designed to work with the washer that will be sitting on it.  Each angle and dimension is perfectly calculated to ensure that this base will work with the washer for which it was specifically made for.  At Laundry Bases, LLC, we believe that bases should complement the washer, never distract from the washer working the way it was intended to and therefore our custom black powder paint creates a finish to the base unlike any other base out there. With different manufactures of washers and many different models, we’ve done it all. From different height requirements for the steel bases and different colors of these bases, our professionals are here to help you find the perfect look and feel for your base. So why settle for just another flimsy old base when you can have a Laundry Base, LLC make you a base that will last for years to come?  For all your laundry base needs, Go United States Local. Go Quality. Go Laundry Bases, LLC.